Friday, January 3, 2020

A New eBOOK of Close-Up Mentalism from RedDevil

"As a creator, I have a tendency to pass up on 99% of all releases and instead only take interest in those which offer me a fresh set of tools to play with...If you are looking for a wonderful impromptu mental mystery to add to your repertoire, or are looking for some new techniques to play with, you won't be disappointed here!"
--Michael Murray, author of Piece of My Mind


RedDevil is back! After disappearing from the magical arts (he was kidnapped by life and taken to a "Hell" that not even a RedDevil can enjoy), he returns to earth with a brand new eBook of close-up mentalism!

"I had no idea how he could have any valuable information...The more I thought about it, the more perplexed I was. It was IMPOSSIBLE. There was absolutely no way he could know anything."--Madison Hagler, author of the Bang! chair test

It's called FAUXLOGICAL, and it is DIABOLICAL! 

Why? Well, while laymen spectators will definitely enjoy the basic routine (and will definitely be fooled!), this book was designed as a challenge experiment:

Take a well-known plot (actually two plots) in mentalism and design a routine that could fool spectators who know the plot backwards and forwards--MENTALISTS and MAGICIANS! 

In essence, this routine is unapologetically designed as a rope-a-dope for mentalists who want to perform a routine for their peers at the magic club that "appears" to be run of the mill, but then gives them a surprise that will cause them to think and say, "Wait a minute..."

What is FAUXLOGICAL? Well, it's not just a one-off routine. It's an eBook in two parts.

"Fauxlogical is a lovely addition to this genre of effects. It's the sort of thing I really enjoy because it can be performed completely impromptu and adds further options to your toolkit."--Sudo, author of Mental-Diemensional and Hoshi's Lucky Star


The first part is a very familiar effect, a which-hand routine using the liar/truth-teller "engine."

But that's where it ends. Even though they know you are using the logic puzzle to "get" them, your colleagues still won't know how you did it.

How? Because it is a brilliant new method? 

No. In simple terms, it will fool many of them because the method is far more, shall we say, analogue. Yet, they will be trapped in their own knowledge of a thousand routines like it. The logic questions are crucial, but they are not the core method. How can that be?

"RedDevil showed me this, and I was sent down the rabbit hole only to emerge without a clue. This is a very clever use of simple principles that are not the ones that you assume are being used. This is certainly a magician fooler, but not at the expense of the experience for laymen."--Mark Chandaue, author of Harpacrown


For those of you who like to collect neat little mentalism tools and principles, you are going to LOVE this part. Section TWO is a tool chest full of little devices you can use in a thousand routines. 

Using the routine in the first section as a template, I will offer you a clinic on how to utilize some interesting little "pieces of devilry" (read: impromptu mentalism principles) that were not used at all in the original routine. 

They are not only completely different methods in achieving the original routine, but they are also principles that you can use to create your own routines for decades!

Thus, this eBook is not just a routine in Section One, but a treatise on what happens when you take a simple method (in Section One) and layer it with other principles (in Section Two).


The performer invites a spectator to participate in a small personality reading and a test-conditions experiment regarding the power of the performer’s intuition.

The spectator is shown three different un-gimmicked coins, which are placed on the table in front of her, and he invites her to inspect them.

After turning his back, the performer asks the spectator to toss the coins freely in a coffee cup on the table and to mix them thoroughly with her fingers.

With the coins mixed, he shares with her that she will likely be one of two types of people: “free spirited, hard to read” or “traditional, slightly easier to predict.” Before he begins the experiment, he needs to determine what type she is. It’s a personality test of sorts.

The game is, he tells her, to reach into the cup, mix them up, and quickly snag a few of the coins while his back is turned, and he will attempt to merely guess what coins she holds and then provide a reading of her personality based on the results of her choices. She repeats this game a few times with either hand to help the performer learn more about her characteristics. 

Once the personality reading is accomplished, he begins the test-conditions experiment. This time, instead of “guessing,” he claims he has learned enough about her personality to know her choices with 100% certainty.

The performer turns his back again and asks her to mix the coins thoroughly with any hand and then asks her to quickly grab a few of them. She grabs the remaining money in the other hand, and then closes her fists to hide the coins.

The choice of coins by the spectator is totally free and up to her, and the performer truly does not know which of the three coins are in which hands.

Before he turns back to face her, the performer then gives her the opportunity to secretly change the location of any two of the coins in her hands. She can choose to follow her identified personality of a “free spirit” or she can choose to do what is “tradition.”

Either way, it’s her free choice whether she switches the coins or leaves them as they lie, and she can truly switch any two coins she chooses.

Turning to face her finally, he asks the spectator to choose which coin of the three hidden in her fists that she wants him to locate with only his powers of intuition and observation. She has a 100% free choice of any of the three coins; she needs only to name it.

In a test of the performer’s skill at reading her personality, the spectator is asked to lie or tell the truth out loud for the audience in response to just two simple yes-or-no questions.

To close the experiment, he asks her to answer two more questions, but tells her to remain totally SILENT. This time, she is instructed to answer the questions only in her MIND!

With his study of the spectator complete, he then tells her the exact location of the coin she named.

The Original FauxLogical Routine Conditions in SECTION ONE:
  • No st88ges or uses of sound cues.
  • No Equ888888 or Du88 Rea888 or Ou8s.
  • No p**ks of the identity of the three coins.
  • No gimmicked items. All items can be borrowed and in performance in seconds. .
  • The spectator's chosen coin for the performer to divine is a totally free choice and could be in any of the two hands when she names it. 
  • Since each one of the individual three coins has the possibility of being located in any hand by free choice of the spectator and since the spectator can freely name any coin, the result can truly be different each time.
  • There are no crazy mathematical principles or switching procedures involved except for the Liar/Truth-Teller approach already mentioned.
  • Works with coins from any country.
Contents in Both Sections:
  • Four Routines: 
    • Fauxlogical 
    • Zombie Faux-Quivoque (FOE QUA VOKE)--Designed as both a routine for laymen, but also a conversation piece for fellow mentalists. If the latter, the mentalist spectator is given four coins and has a series of choices that look like Equ*****e. But each time, the performer corrects himself and gives the spectator a fair and defined choice instead. In the end, the performer proves he can divine the choices every time!
    • Right-Left Roulette--The spectator is given 4 coins and told that three of them are poison and only one single coin is safe. Three business cards are on the table the entire time, and the last one has a coin hidden underneath. She chooses one of the four coins in a very fair manner and is even allowed to change her mind in the end. Even so, the coin under the card matches her ultimate prediction...and saves her life!
    • Faux-as-I-Faux--The performer and spectator each hold four different coins, two in each hand, standing back to back. The spectator arranges the coins freely in any hand she chooses. Demonstrating his skill to influence her choices, the performer invites her to play a game of blind do-as-I-do, moving coins from one hand to the other...and free choices are commanded by the spectator! Even so, they impossibly end up with the same coins in each hand. 
  • Coaching Clinic in Section Two on the use of mulitple tools that you can use with coins and small objects (and other things!) for mentalism routines.
FAUXLOGICAL is a digital PDF, approximately 100 pages in 16-Point Font. All pre-orders are via PayPal to my email address.

    (*I do not believe anything is 100% full proof because human beings do unpredictable things sometimes. With that said, this basic routine as described above is self-working if you follow the instructions. In other words, you don't have to jazz or get lucky. So accounting for human tendencies to do unexpected things, let's say this effect is 96%. Also, with appropriate considerations, I believe the effect can be repeated for at least a second time before people start looking at you crazy. With other methods mentioned in the book, it is DEFINITELY repeatable.)

    Thursday, August 25, 2016

    Introducing OPERATION GEMINI!

    “RedDevil”, creator of “777” and “ET Q&A,” has brought you not only a new collection of close-up mentalism, but a new principle that will cause your mind to explode with ideas and possibilities!

    Introducing OPERATION GEMINI…a new e-book of close-up mentalism by RedDevil.

    This isn’t a just a set of tricks, it’s a toolkit!

    “Red Devil has created something here that that allows you to get so far ahead without the participant saying a word that by the time the reveal comes to fruition your participant will feel they are being hit with a sledge hammer...I have played with this routine for the last week, and the amount of undiscovered possibilities is honestly ridiculous. It’s easy to follow, not convoluted, and hard hitting. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”—Peter Turner


    The mentalism world is fascinated by the Liar/Truth-teller genre these days. Pioneers like Barrie Richardson and Banachek have utilized the internal “magic” of this classic plot for years, and recently our imagination has been captivated by routines such as the excellent “Tequila Hustler” by Mark Elsdon (rights owned by Michael Murray and available at 

    With the “Gemini Principle,” RedDevil has made this plot dramatically easier, and he has also freed the performer to use the “mechanics” underneath the hood of this routine in many more thematic presentations than just “Liars and Truth-tellers.”

    If you want to do more than "which-hand" routines, "Operation Gemini" will give you a huge gift! With “Gemini,” you can literally take this plot out of the “hands” and into MUCH more interesting places! The possibilities are limitless, and you can: 

    --Divine a spectator's star sign!
    --Divine a spectator's birth month
    --Living and Dead Tests
    --Divine a thought-of playing card
    --Divine a thought-of name, place, or number
    --Create your own routines and presentations

    "WOW! RedDevil has given up some master thinking in this collection…You’ll be so far ahead that you’ll be able to use the hidden knowledge to get just about anything from the participant. All I can say is WOW!”—Greg Arce

    “Operation Gemini contains some exceptionally strong ideas. The thinking and clever working behind some of the effects are pure delight and will leave the assisting spectators in a total state of wonderment…”—Neil Somerville

    "A clever tool that not only cleans up a classic routine, but offers scope for so MUCH more..."—Atlas Brookings

    "I’m really impressed with RedDevil’s new release. He took a principle that I love and turned it into something entirely different. What I like the most about this is that it’s very flexible, and RedDevil got rid of ‘that bit’ that sometimes confuses our participant.”—Ever Elizalde, author of “Manoeda.”

    “RedDevil shared the basic method with me a few weeks ago, and it blew my mind. I have never seen anything like it.”
    —Madison Hagler, author of “Bang Chair Test”

    “I love it. There are so many possibilities with this.”—Mark Chandaue, author of “Harpacrown”

    “Ok... I have been reading this all day... You are a pain in the ass. I have work to do. This is keeping me from that work... I have used the basic principle for years. But I have to admit that this is looking very good! Ok...VERY good!”—Anthony Miller

    “Red has taken a classic plot, turned it on its head, and blown the original out of the ball park. This is something that is going to mess with your head…”—Michael Clark, author of “The Memory Shuffle”

    “Operation Gemini” is an e-book of close-up mentalism, and it contains two sections, one devoted to the Gemini Principle, and the other is a “Bonus Routines” section containing three pet creations by RedDevil.

    Bonus Routines:

    “George’s Generosity”—Two love-birds share 3 memories between them while randomly mixing four business cards on the table, each turned face down with a different letter of the alphabet printed on it. The spectator has a free and fair choice of mixing the cards on the table, but when the four cards are turned over, they spell L-O-V-E! (or almost any other word, company motto, or phrase you like!)

    This is RedDevil’s favorite close-up routine because it gets phenomenal reactions and engagement, and it is self-working. Not only that, but it can be adapted to hundreds of different words and themes. Think “Eat at Joe’s Lite” because this has a lot of trade-show applications. 

    No gimmicks are involved. You need just four business cards, and you are ready to perform any time or anywhere.

    “I Want You to Remember”—A spectator names any number from 5-25. The spectator freely cuts the deck and completes the cut. After the cut, the spectator counts down the exact number cards he FREELY named and turns over the card. The performer doesn’t touch the deck!

    The performer asks the spectator to take out a note from the card box. What does it say?

    “You will select the number XX, and the [card the spectator counted to] will be at that very same number.”

    This is one of the myriad of jazz card effects possible in this routine, and it is RedDevil’s “go-to” card effect. The effect is inexplicable and cannot be backtracked, and it KILLS!

    This effect involves the use of a m8888888d 888k.

    “Re-BOHT”—Fans of Bryn Reynold’s The Safwan Papers are going to love this. If you like which-hand techniques, this is for you.

    “Operation Gemini” is 100 pages in 16-point font in PDF format. The price is $35.00 via PayPal to my email address.

    ET Q&A

    The Question and Answer plot is the most engaging in the performance of mentalism...And this is a take on Q&A you have never seen before!

    "I gotta say I was skeptical, but I was wrong. This is a worker, if that's not damning it with faint praise. It takes a classic effect and adds a couple of elements to make something new and fresh. If you can stand that, I'm pretty sure you'll love and use this. I haven't bought any of Reddevil's other work, but based on this I will. Congrats." --Dave Moses

    What if you could conduct a Question and Answer demonstration in a parlor or table setting, one in which a spectator writes down a secret question about her life circumstances…and then other members of the group besides the performer were able to provide an “accurate” reading based on that question (without them actually knowing the contents of the questions itself)?

    In other words, what if members of the group could “really” divine elements of her question and contribute to the answer? And without stooges or DR…


    This is not only possible, but repeatable. ET Q&A takes a typical one-billet reading routine and turns it into an emotional group experience. With the performer as the catalyst, you give members of the table "the gift" of being able to cross the bridge of a spectator's mind and heart...

    They will leave the performance not only astonished, but empowered...This is ET Q&A...

    "RedDevil has put together a beautiful intimate Q&A routine. Everything is very well orchestrated, and with only a couple of billets you can literally have a little act in your pocket to perform at the table..." --Luca Volpe

    "It's a fantastic idea!"--Michael Murray

    "This is a gem, potentially a very powerful piece of emotional mentalism and that opinion is based on just the first read. Love it." --Ewen Wilson

    "It is powerful stuff and, presented in an informal and conversational manner, is engaging and entertaining."--Neil Somerville

    "I think it is an excellent routine, and RedDevil's method of incorporating others is fantastic. It is well thought out, well written, expanded where it needs to be, a recap of actions taken, and a summary. The manuscript is an excellent learning tool for the routine. As for the routine, although it is described as a dinner table routine, it is not by any means limited to that. It will play as stated, at a dinner table, but will also play at a party, walk around, and on stage."--Tony Iacoviello

    ET is a 30-Page PDF e-book in 16-point font. The routine contains the billet methodology, the "ET" reading system, and sample scripts.


    Introducing the first collection of mentalism by RedDevil...

    "777 is an excellent collection of effects. I've had the opportunity to try some of these ideas out in my own show and can say that they are practical and effective. The book demonstrates a solid understanding of the psychology of mentalism and I think that any serious student of the art will find it a valuable addition to his eLibary. Highly recommended." --Bob Cassidy

    "Devilish thinking, workable ideas, value for every type of performer...A recommendation from me for a new author and mind that I know that can and will be a contribution for those searching for good knowledge in Mentalism." --Pablo Amira

    "I really like this eBook. A dozen routines (plus a few sub routines), all very well thought out and exceptionally well written! All of the routines are workable. You will need a little practice , but it is well worth the small effort you need to put into them. RedDevil is giving us some new and refreshing ideas, plus some improvements on a few old chestnuts. I am sure we will see his name more and more as time goes on. There is a lot of gold in this book, some of which I will be using. I highly recommend it!" --Tony Razzano

    "I have spoken to RedDevil a few times via Skype and it is very evident that he has a serious passion for this art. This passion is also combined with a talent for piecing together some very nifty routines. For his first book RedDevil should be very proud, he has not only applied existing techniques and principles to some great routines he has went further to develop his own effects from scratch." --Michael Murray

    "The material in this book is all well thought out and workable and there are some very clever ideas in here. The Good Samaritan is a particularly clever piece of propless mentalism. The final chapter is worth the price of the whole book if you are looking for a cueing system, Card Camera is absolutely fantastic and this is something I am definitely going to use." --Mark Chandaue

    "I actually told hm to NEVER release this [Good Samaritan] over Skype when he showed me. It's that good! I'm quite upset he has decided to release it since I love it so much!" --Art Vanderlay

    "I have marveled at his depth of thinking and approach. In some cases he has taken classic effects and put his own spin on them. In particular I love his Ternbata based on Rich Maue's "Terasabos." Armed with just a few business cards, you have a remarkable effect which is a real delight to perform." --Neil Somerville

    “With 777 Red has put together a great collection of a dozen engaging and fully scripted Mentalism effects which have a bit of something for everyone. The emphasis here is very much on presenting effects that 'matter' and have 'meaning' to the participants which is all down to RedDevil's scripting and his ability to frame each effect in a way that resonates with the audience.” –Laurence Hookway

    "Red has released some very fine thinking in his first release 777. I expect to hear a lot more from him in the future. The idea for performing Equivoque in a sideways manner is worth the price of the PDF on its own, in my opinion. If you like what myself and others are doing in regards to updating methods and pushing the art into near prop-less approaches then be sure to check this out..." --Fraser Parker

    "This book is an excellent value and I think it would be a very peculiar mentalist who didn't find several items of interest within its pages. Congratulations RedDevil on your first publication; it is in my opinion extremely unusual to find so much useable practical material in one book, very well done."--Ewen Wilson

    "As far as 777 goes, I have to say that this has been the best purchase for my money since Train Tracking and Pygmalion Effects. If anything 777 is priced too low. There is so much usable material and so many great ideas. Too many times these day, releases are one item releases that are overpriced, for material that has been around before, or just quite frankly isn't worth it. As for the items, I love Creature Card and the marriage of the different methodologies involved. I really enjoyed lifelock as well, I have a similar routine where I unlock someone's phone with a code they come up with. Good Samaritan is also great....Again, I can't tell you how pleased I was with this purchase. I found a lot of good usable material for a fair and decent price. It has restored my faith in buying mentalism products again..."
    --Justin Cortes

    777 Effects in the Eyes of the Spectator

    Creaturecard: A spectator thinks of a random creature, and somehow the performer not only reveals the creature, but apparently an entire scene from the spectator's imagination. This can be totally billet-less.

    LifeLock: For all the cell phone PIN reveal junkies out there, LifeLock has a unique twist in a growing genre. The spectator creates a new "life-code" based on personal events in her life, and the code opens the spectator's lock screen. Works only with iPhones and is compatible with IOS 8.0. You do NOT need to jailbreak your phone.

    Ternbata: A unique take on Rick Maue's beautiful "Terasabos" using business cards, but works 100% of the time. A great effect to carry in your wallet and an idea you will use for other billet/card routines. Rick honored me with his blessing on this.

    Good Samaritan: Another billet-less routine, the spectator imagines finding a wallet filled with cash, and you tell him exactly how much money is in the wallet. Nothing is written down, and the spectator’s choice of the amount of money is free. This can be performed on the phone and on Skype.

    Card Camera: This is a mini-book in itself. It is a very simple card c###‪#‎g‬ system. It also contains a cellphone texting system, a number divination system, and a couple of sneaky ACAAN's you will like for just the right occasion.

    Positively!: Originally published through Pablo Amira, this is my updated and improved 100% full-proof method for the classic Positive/Negative plot. One prediction. No switches. No sleights. No outs. The prediction stays untouched on the table the entire time. Guaranteed to work in English and Spanish only, but it is possible that it could be adapted to other languages.

    Deckwavoque: A full-deck equivoque presentation that you will use. Presented as a "Personality Test," the spectator's interest will be primed, and by the time they realize they have chosen a card, it will be too late to backtrack. 

    DeckwACAAN: A truly hands-off ACAAN, and the spectator believes his number and card are freely chosen.

    The Willy of Oz: The performer guesses a classic movie from childhood that the spectators were only thinking of in their minds. A psi-force opportunity for use as a thematic "macro-effect."

    The Kiss F#‪#‎ce‬: A new number f##ce that has limitless possibilities and maximum interest from your spectator. Works best for USA citizens.

    Cold-Reading Queens: A combination fortune-telling and prediction with four queens using "The Kiss F##ce."

    Personality of a F##ce: a re-introduction to the 37 F##ce that gives the apparent control back to the spectator.

    777 is a PDF e-book (Approximately 150 pages in 16-point font). Many effects in this book depend on the English language. The version you are downloading is the 2nd Edition, released in April 2015.