Thursday, August 25, 2016


The Question and Answer plot is the most engaging in the performance of mentalism...And this is a take on Q&A you have never seen before!

"I gotta say I was skeptical, but I was wrong. This is a worker, if that's not damning it with faint praise. It takes a classic effect and adds a couple of elements to make something new and fresh. If you can stand that, I'm pretty sure you'll love and use this. I haven't bought any of Reddevil's other work, but based on this I will. Congrats." --Dave Moses

What if you could conduct a Question and Answer demonstration in a parlor or table setting, one in which a spectator writes down a secret question about her life circumstances…and then other members of the group besides the performer were able to provide an “accurate” reading based on that question (without them actually knowing the contents of the questions itself)?

In other words, what if members of the group could “really” divine elements of her question and contribute to the answer? And without stooges or DR…


This is not only possible, but repeatable. ET Q&A takes a typical one-billet reading routine and turns it into an emotional group experience. With the performer as the catalyst, you give members of the table "the gift" of being able to cross the bridge of a spectator's mind and heart...

They will leave the performance not only astonished, but empowered...This is ET Q&A...

"RedDevil has put together a beautiful intimate Q&A routine. Everything is very well orchestrated, and with only a couple of billets you can literally have a little act in your pocket to perform at the table..." --Luca Volpe

"It's a fantastic idea!"--Michael Murray

"This is a gem, potentially a very powerful piece of emotional mentalism and that opinion is based on just the first read. Love it." --Ewen Wilson

"It is powerful stuff and, presented in an informal and conversational manner, is engaging and entertaining."--Neil Somerville

"I think it is an excellent routine, and RedDevil's method of incorporating others is fantastic. It is well thought out, well written, expanded where it needs to be, a recap of actions taken, and a summary. The manuscript is an excellent learning tool for the routine. As for the routine, although it is described as a dinner table routine, it is not by any means limited to that. It will play as stated, at a dinner table, but will also play at a party, walk around, and on stage."--Tony Iacoviello

ET is a 30-Page PDF e-book in 16-point font. The routine contains the billet methodology, the "ET" reading system, and sample scripts.

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