Thursday, August 25, 2016


“RedDevil”, creator of “777” and “ET Q&A,” has brought you not only a new collection of close-up mentalism, but a new principle that will cause your mind to explode with ideas and possibilities!

Introducing OPERATION GEMINI…a new e-book of close-up mentalism by RedDevil.

This isn’t a just a set of tricks, it’s a toolkit!

“Red Devil has created something here that that allows you to get so far ahead without the participant saying a word that by the time the reveal comes to fruition your participant will feel they are being hit with a sledge hammer...I have played with this routine for the last week, and the amount of undiscovered possibilities is honestly ridiculous. It’s easy to follow, not convoluted, and hard hitting. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”—Peter Turner


The mentalism world is fascinated by the Liar/Truth-teller genre these days. Pioneers like Barrie Richardson and Banachek have utilized the internal “magic” of this classic plot for years, and recently our imagination has been captivated by routines such as the excellent “Tequila Hustler” by Mark Elsdon (rights owned by Michael Murray and available at 

With the “Gemini Principle,” RedDevil has made this plot dramatically easier, and he has also freed the performer to use the “mechanics” underneath the hood of this routine in many more thematic presentations than just “Liars and Truth-tellers.”

If you want to do more than "which-hand" routines, "Operation Gemini" will give you a huge gift! With “Gemini,” you can literally take this plot out of the “hands” and into MUCH more interesting places! The possibilities are limitless, and you can: 

--Divine a spectator's star sign!
--Divine a spectator's birth month
--Living and Dead Tests
--Divine a thought-of playing card
--Divine a thought-of name, place, or number
--Create your own routines and presentations

"WOW! RedDevil has given up some master thinking in this collection…You’ll be so far ahead that you’ll be able to use the hidden knowledge to get just about anything from the participant. All I can say is WOW!”—Greg Arce

“Operation Gemini contains some exceptionally strong ideas. The thinking and clever working behind some of the effects are pure delight and will leave the assisting spectators in a total state of wonderment…”—Neil Somerville

"A clever tool that not only cleans up a classic routine, but offers scope for so MUCH more..."—Atlas Brookings

"I’m really impressed with RedDevil’s new release. He took a principle that I love and turned it into something entirely different. What I like the most about this is that it’s very flexible, and RedDevil got rid of ‘that bit’ that sometimes confuses our participant.”—Ever Elizalde, author of “Manoeda.”

“RedDevil shared the basic method with me a few weeks ago, and it blew my mind. I have never seen anything like it.”
—Madison Hagler, author of “Bang Chair Test”

“I love it. There are so many possibilities with this.”—Mark Chandaue, author of “Harpacrown”

“Ok... I have been reading this all day... You are a pain in the ass. I have work to do. This is keeping me from that work... I have used the basic principle for years. But I have to admit that this is looking very good! Ok...VERY good!”—Anthony Miller

“Red has taken a classic plot, turned it on its head, and blown the original out of the ball park. This is something that is going to mess with your head…”—Michael Clark, author of “The Memory Shuffle”

“Operation Gemini” is an e-book of close-up mentalism, and it contains two sections, one devoted to the Gemini Principle, and the other is a “Bonus Routines” section containing three pet creations by RedDevil.

Bonus Routines:

“George’s Generosity”—Two love-birds share 3 memories between them while randomly mixing four business cards on the table, each turned face down with a different letter of the alphabet printed on it. The spectator has a free and fair choice of mixing the cards on the table, but when the four cards are turned over, they spell L-O-V-E! (or almost any other word, company motto, or phrase you like!)

This is RedDevil’s favorite close-up routine because it gets phenomenal reactions and engagement, and it is self-working. Not only that, but it can be adapted to hundreds of different words and themes. Think “Eat at Joe’s Lite” because this has a lot of trade-show applications. 

No gimmicks are involved. You need just four business cards, and you are ready to perform any time or anywhere.

“I Want You to Remember”—A spectator names any number from 5-25. The spectator freely cuts the deck and completes the cut. After the cut, the spectator counts down the exact number cards he FREELY named and turns over the card. The performer doesn’t touch the deck!

The performer asks the spectator to take out a note from the card box. What does it say?

“You will select the number XX, and the [card the spectator counted to] will be at that very same number.”

This is one of the myriad of jazz card effects possible in this routine, and it is RedDevil’s “go-to” card effect. The effect is inexplicable and cannot be backtracked, and it KILLS!

This effect involves the use of a m8888888d 888k.

“Re-BOHT”—Fans of Bryn Reynold’s The Safwan Papers are going to love this. If you like which-hand techniques, this is for you.

“Operation Gemini” is 100 pages in 16-point font in PDF format. The price is $35.00 via PayPal to my email address.

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