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A New eBOOK from RedDevil Mentalism
A Collection of Casual 
Close-up Mentalism
"...This 'Tether' thing is sooooooo smooth! He says he had a 'lightbulb' moment when he thought of 'tethering' and I'm sure he did! I'm also super jealous..."--Bryn Reynolds, Author "The Safwan Papers"

Dear Mindreaders,

I am proud to announce that my new eBook "TETHER" is LIVE!

What is "Tether"?

It's my new project. It's a stealthy way to steal information. It's another way to look like a REAL mindreader.

Think of the book as a "training manual" for a new tool for your mentalism performances, both classic and propless.

Actually, that's not true. In the new book, I will share several tools with you:

The Tether Principle
The Fuego Force
The Curvy Force
The 9633 Force
The Cessna Force

Using these tools, combined with other classic tricks of the trade in the mentalist's toolbox, The Tether Principle will allow you to divine mentally selected playing cards and birth months and drawings. Or you can perform spectator-as-mindreader routines with it, billet routines with it, and one-ahead routines with it.

The point is, the routines in the book will "teach" you the basic tenets of the Tether, and then you WILL use it for much more!


The eBook is an 85-page PDF that not only teaches you the above new tools, but includes 4 routines that demonstrate how the Tether can work in your mentalism routines:

This is a "training wheel" routine to teach the basics of the Tether, but it is still a solid piece of mentalism for close-up presentations.

The spectator mentally chooses the value of a playing card in her head and then chooses a playing card from a deck of cards and notes the suit of that card. Using the Tether Principle, you tell her the exact card she is thinking of.

Included in this routine, you will also learn "The Fuego Number Force," a nice little tool for casual close-up mentalism that you can use for so much more.

Taking the basics of the Tether Principle you learned in the previous routine, you now use a turbo version of the Tether and turn the routine into a 100% propless think-a-card presentation.

The spectator chooses a value and suit in her head, and you tell her the card she is thinking of. This is one of the quickest and most streamlined propless think-a-card routines you will ever see, and YOU WILL USE IT in close-up situations.

See Ben Cardall's quote below as his response to a video demo of this routine.

In this routine, you will now see that the Tether can be used with much more than playing cards! In this close-up presentation, a spectator thinks of a memory of a birthday from her past. She writes down a special gift she received for her birthday in a folded billet.

Using the Tether, you are able to tell her not only what the gift was, but what month she was born (that she never wrote down)!

Included is a presentation using some tools from Phedon Bilek to make this a very special moment of mindreading that is truly impossible to backtrack.

Included in this effect, you will also learn a subtle new ploy to nail a birth month when left with two possible months (outs).

Imagine you took Peter Turner's work on the "House" force (not described in the book), Phedon's work on doodle drawings, added the Tether Principle, and turned it all upside down. If you like mentalism effects with thought-of drawings, you will love this.

To demonstrate the versatility of the Tether Principle, we now use it for a "spectator-as-mindreader" effect!

In Version 1, you share your belief that the spectator might have a special ability to be able to make a mental connection with you. You propose to send her some random thoughts, but to make it "easy" on her since this is her first time, the two random thoughts have something in common.

To begin, you "send" her a drawing you are thinking of and ask her to use her intuition to imagine what it might be. Then you "send" her a playing card you are thinking of.

Using the Tether Principle and the one-ahead, along with a new tool that I call "The Curvy Force," you are able to prove that she can truly read your mind!

Other than the one-ahead billets, this effect is totally propless, and the spectator is allowed to choose the thoughts in her own mind.

Version 2 is a bonus for a very dependable PIN CODE DIVINATION. It's the same effect as above, but this time you are able to prove that the spectator can not only tell you what drawing you are thinking of, but also your cell phone's EXACT 4-DIGIT PIN NUMBER.

I have included a bonus playing card sleight that you can use for a delayed card force. Used in the same context as the criss-cross cut force might be used, this is an excellent and novel way to force a playing card using time misdirection.

The specator has a 100% fair and free choice of selecting a playing card, and you put it on the bottom of the deck "for later." Despite the apparent fairness of it, you know exactly what it is.

I have included rough video demos to help you master this easy sleight.


"Tether is a killer tool to add to your mentalism artillery. The applications for this technique are endless and the ones provided within this project have already inspired me immensely!"
Michael Murray

"...Let me say that RedDevil’s mind is fascinating to me, in that it always manages to come up with some devious idea that makes me stop reading, lift my head up and take a loooooong moment, usually followed by a couple of swear words, to try to fathom it fully and attempt to perceive its potential....Tether is such an idea. It’s an extremely subtle and deceptive way to gather information without the participant even suspecting anything. .
Phedon Bilek

"I don't think you realize what you have just done to me. I won't be able to sleep now. I know exactly how I can use this."
Ori Ascher"

"I’m a massive fan of anything that looks and feels as 'real' as possible. Tether had no method at all when I was a participant. This is amazing and I love it! Regardless of the work I need to put in, it’s totally worth it."
Ben Cardall

"Tether is quite simply a diabolically brilliant means of hacking minds!"
John Carey

"This is powerful, convincing material!"
Neil Somerville

“RedDevil is the king of coming up with an original principle and extrapolating more out of it than any mortal human. Tether is a perfect case study for this. This principle is wildly original and very useful."
Madison Hagler

"RedDevil has devised a wonderfully disarming script/framework/structure to secretly learn information under the guise of stating your 'impressions.'"
Drew Backenstoss, Author of "Architect of the Mind" and "Elementary"

"...This 'Tether' thing is sooooooo smooth! He says he had a 'lightbulb' moment when he thought of 'tethering' and I'm sure he did! I'm also super jealous..."
Bryn Reynolds, Author "The Safwan Papers"

“RedDevil does it again! He doesn’t just think outside the box, he first destroys the box, makes his own box, then thinks outside of that one. He creates ideas, methods and subtleties that stretch your brain. His thinking always makes me feel like I’m having a bit of vertigo because I get disoriented with all the ideas that are possible with his methods. And he did it again with Tether. Now I have to get into fetal position and let my thoughts about Tether take over. See you guys on the other side of this mental trip."
Greg Arce

"Even knowing some of that basic techniques that are employed, I was stunned that not only could he precisely pinpoint what I was thinking, but in the second effect I was able to convincingly read his mind. He has put together a system to guide, confirm and convince both the mentalist and the spectator that mindreading really is possible. All of the accolades are true!"
Jim Croop

RedDevil's New eBook!

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